Whereas outsourcing is a trend in the West many Nigerian companies are still skeptical with the concept. This write up is intended to show a growing business (small business) why Outsourcing your graphic/web design work to a trusted firm is a smart move. Of course, we’re not talking about sending your work to the cheapest freelancer you can find online. But first let’s look at the questions that still cloud business owners mind about whether or not it’s a good idea to use this service or stay with the traditional way of hiring personnel. Among their concerned questions are:

  • Practicality
  • Security
  • Advantages over the traditional hiring process
  • Quality of work
  • Background checking
  • Finding the right designer for the job

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If you are one of these people with similar questions, here are a few important points for you to consider when it comes to outsourcing:


Hiring a new employee is expensive. When you factor in recruitment, training time, and benefits like healthcare and paid time off, hiring a dedicated design professional may not be in the budget. Most small businesses don’t have enough design work to justify the cost of a full-time employee, either, so even if you can come up with the funds to hire someone, you may find that he or she doesn’t have enough work to keep busy. When you outsource your design to a company like ours, you only pay when you have a project that needs work – and you only pay for the time it takes us to complete the job!



If you don’t have the background or personal experience in design, the best solution for you is to outsource. This allows you to be more productive when it comes to using your time for activities you are more familiar with. You don’t have to exhaust yourself and waste your time on things you are not very familiar with. Outsourcing allows you time to do the things you are more qualified for and delegate the rest of your tasks through outsourcing accordingly. Good graphic design takes time and know-how, and trying to fit in the work yourself or tasking other employees to get it done in between their other projects is a recipe for disaster. Building a business and keeping it running are time-consuming on their own. Outsourcing your design work will allow you and your employees to focus on what you do best.



You went into business because you were an expert in your field. So did we! When you bring in an outside design firm to handle your graphic work and website design, you have an entire team of experienced professionals on your side.  If you thought hiring one design was expensive, try hiring an entire team with decades of combined experience! One of the biggest reasons to outsource is to tap into top-notch creativity and skills that have been tested and improved for many years.

More so, if you have an in-house designer, sometimes they can get stuck in a design rut and become uninspired working with the same identity, day in, day out. By working with an agency, you can get the combined experience of several designers and creative input from a whole team, rather than just one person.

You can also guarantee that you will be getting high quality designs, that will enhance your brand and its appearance, therefore telling your customers that you are a quality company willing to put time and money into making your brand look good.



We make it as easy as possible to stay up-to-date on your design projects and make sure everything is moving ahead on schedule. Managing this stuff in house takes more time away from your more important businesses and leaves your employees confused about their priorities. That’s why our web and graphic design team is headed by a dedicated project manager who keeps things rolling and serves as a single point of contact whenever you have questions or concerns.

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