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26 Jan Project name: carburetor project by: 1) Patil-Desai Ajay 2) Nagmal Akshay 3) Nikam Ganesh 1. A carburetor’s primary purpose is to produce a mixture of air and fuel for different engine operating conditions. 5 Idle Mixture screwIdle Speed Screw Choke PlateThrottle Plate Float. 15 Jan CARBURETOR Complete Carburetor. Drawback of Simple Carburetor A simple carburetor as described suffers from the Lubrication ppt. Outlines Carburetor Working principle of carburetor Function and uses of Choke Overflow Accelerator. Block diagram of Carburetor Fuel Throttle Valve Inlet Exhaust Carburetor Air Engine Cylinder. Air-fuel mixture Excess Fuel Excess Air Too rich to burn Combustible range Too lean.

Be able to describe the operation of a carburettor and its role within the fuelling system; Be able to recognize a “rich” and “lean” fuelling mixture; Identify how fuel . You will be able to list and explain the principles of carburetion; Identify the types of carburetion; Explain the float carburetor system; Define manual throttle. Objectives Terms. Students will be able to list and explain the principles of operation pertaining to small engine carburetors. Carburetor; Air-fuel mixture; Vacuum.

Given the instruction in class the student will correctly identify and describe the principles of operation of the three common types of small engine carburetors. The principles of carburetion are presented so you may better understand the inner workings of a carburetor and how the other components of the fuel system. Identify the three basic types of carburetors. Explain the float-type carburetor operation. Explain the operation of the diaphragm-type carburetors. Define manual. 3 Types of Fuel Systems: Carburetor Fuel Injection Diesel Injection Carburetor Systems The goal of a carburetor is to mix just the right amount of gasoline with. The fuel Induction systems for SI engine are classified as: Carburetors. Throttle body Fuel Injection Systems. Multi Point Fuel Injection Systems. The Carburetor: .

Carburetors. Throttle body Fuel Injection Systems. Multi Point Fuel Injection Systems. Direct Gasoline Injection System. Evolution of Fuel Inductions Systems: SI. Proper air-fuel ratio is maintained with the help of a device known as carburetor and this mixture is inducted into the combustion chamber. The air fuel ratio. Final Review Commercial Power Plants Carburetor Heat Mixture Fuel Injection Auxiliary Fuel Pump Fuel Flow Indicator Vapor Lock Exhaust Gas Temperature. Simple Carburettor Fuel System for a Piston Engine. And how it works. Tank. PISTON ENGINE – Carburettor Fuel System. Exhaust. Inlet. Tank Cavity. Filler Cap.


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